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Lecture Capture

Mediasite Creates Better Learning Outcomes. Lecture capture systems improve learning outcomes. Mediasite lecture capture does more than that: it improves the experience of learning. And it does so for everyone involved in creating that experience.

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Why Instructors Embrace It

Mediasite lecture capture is completely non-disruptive: there’s nothing they have to change about how they teach. Mediasite works entirely behind the scenes, managing recording schedules, equipment, cataloging and publication. And that’s true when they’re recording a lecture in class, at home, or in the field.

Multi-source Capture

Capture lecture materials: from slide shows, smartboards, document annotations and a range of other sources. You’ll capture them separately from the live lecture video, and then publish all the captures, perfectly synchronized, side by side.

Stream Live from Anywhere

Stream and record lectures from anywhere—classroom, campus lawn or in the field. The My Mediasite application lets you record from any device: desktop, laptop, smartphones, tablets and more.

Increases Student Retention and SLOs

Study after study has shown that Mediasite lecture capture is a key factor in increased student retention and graduation: both big factors for public and private funding.

Supplement Course Material

Embed links to presentation materials, secondary sources, enhanced quizzes, exam prep materials—all the knowledge that improves critical thinking and enhances results.

Why Students Can't Live Without It

Mediasite lecture capture relieves the stress of conflicting schedules or missing important details during class. They’ll watch the lecture whenever and as often as they want—along with access to all supplemental materials, peer insights and other tools. And in class they’ll lift up their heads from their note taking, and increase their engagement and participation.

Suited to their Learning Style

Students find Mediasite lecture capture a familiar, comfortable way to focus on difficult material. It works with individual learning styles and paces, which makes it easier for them to research and master complex topics.

Never Miss a Lecture

Conflicting schedules, impending exams and other pressures can distract students in the classroom, or keep them from class altogether. Mediasite lecture capture lets them view the lecture anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Better Prepared Spells Better Results

Research consistently shows that students who watch a lecture in advance, or repeat it before an exam, have better learning outcomes.

Tools to Enhance Learning

Students download presentations and other materials, ask questions during live streams, share the lecture with peers, change playback without distorting the audio, and more.

Why Technologists Rely on It

For Technologists and Instructional Designers new technology can mean more work for them: installing, maintaining, teaching and supporting a system. That stretches an already thin set of resources. Mediasite lecture capture does just the opposite. Simple to set up, effortless to maintain, and easy to adopt, it involves virtually no system administration, no training and no user support load.

Set It—Forget It

Setting up Mediasite lecture capture is as simple as setting up a cable box. Once everything’s connected, the rest is automatic, from scheduled recording to uploading, cataloging and setting permissions.

No Upgrades Required

Mediasite lecture capture works with your existing presentation and recording equipment, no matter how old they are. It integrates perfectly with every major LMS, and it effortlessly scales campus-wide.

Technology People Use

Great technology is useless if students and faculty don’t use it. Mediasite lecture capture is instantly adopted, since it doesn’t require training, and imposes no changes on how users teach and learn.


Your IT team will be able to produce and distribute detailed analytics that range from viewership and usage patterns, to group and individual student outcomes, to investment ROI, and more.