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Procedures, Simulations, Grand Rounds

When sharing complex information and sophisticated training, video adds an important dimension to ensure maximum comprehension and eliminate any room for error. Providing an enhanced learning environment with video results in better information retention and student performance. And when course instruction and demonstrations are captured, students have a valuable library to reference and review anytime, anyplace.

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Share Complex Information Easily

  • Show every angle of demonstrations, devices and products during training, leaving no room for error or confusion
  • Create a more effective learning experience with a rich video stream that includes product videos, presenter visuals and the presenter themselves in a single playback environment
  • Record training presentations, demonstrations and simulations for on demand reference anytime, anywhere

Build a Video Library of Knowledge

  • Record procedures, simulations and other classroom demonstrations to create rich libraries of content for on demand reference
  • Use video to reach more students and engage online audiences
  • Provide a valuable resource to students and instructors