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Pharma and New Product Training

In the ever-changing medical world, product updates, new launches and critical information must be communicated quickly and consistently and many times to large, widely dispersed audiences. Video is the best tool to get everyone on the same page fast in a cost-effective way.

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Deliver Training Anytime, Anywhere

  • Save time and travel costs by enabling employees to deliver training directly to a dispersed workforce at their desktops
  • Get new hires up-to-speed immediately
  • Keep communications frequent and timely so everyone is knowledgeable and on the same page
  • Give employees access to just-in-time learning whenever and wherever they need it

Share Complex Information Easily

  • Show every angle of demonstrations, devices and products during training, leaving no room for error or confusion
  • Create a more effective learning experience with a rich video stream that includes product videos, presenter visuals and the presenter themselves in a single playback environment
  • Record training presentations, demonstrations and simulations for on demand reference anytime, anywhere