Sonic Foundry is working with Learner’s Digest International to create online learning video portals for 15 leading healthcare conferences across the globe this year.

Learner's Digest develops educational products for physicians, healthcare professionals, researchers and scientists and partners with Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite Events team to provide on-demand training and continuing education for the healthcare industry. Mediasite Events will live stream thousands of hours of sessions and workshops recorded at the conferences. The content offers an unprecedented level of enduring education for industry professionals, and after the conferences, participants will benefit from both an online and offline library of sessions.

Among the largest conferences are:

Mark Guasp, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Learner's Digest says Learner's Digest saw its clients’ needs evolving.

“Video is essential to conferences now. If people can’t be there in person they need to feel as if they are, and the Mediasite Events team helps us do that seamlessly,” Guasp said. “Learner's Digest is pleased to partner with Sonic Foundry to produce an enduring library of medical education that can be accessed for years to come.”

Donny Neufuss, Sonic Foundry’s Senior Account Manager who attends these conferences, said the thing that amazes him is that a lot of the online traffic for these on-demand presentations come from inside the convention center.

“I see countless doctors walking around with iPads streaming content from rooms around them. The reason is they’ve had meetings and they can’t make it to the session on time or the room gets too full,” Donny said.

On the flip side, Donny said Learner's Digest received a letter from a doctor who watched the content online, and it ended up saving a patient’s life.