When we last spoke with them in July, Ohio State University had created nearly 7,000 academic videos within a year. Now, just four months later, that number is up to over 8,600. That’s a lot of content for students to watch live or on-demand.

What’s behind that astronomical feat? Mediasite.

The university deployed Mediasite campus-wide in March 2013, giving faculty and staff across Ohio State the ability to use Mediasite to record their lectures, make quick edits if needed and share instantly with students and colleagues.

The 8,600 videos — 5,700 hours of content — have received over 327,000 views to date, according to Valerie Rake, manager of eLearning support and training. The rapid growth of video content is due in large part to My Mediasite Desktop Recorder, allowing faculty and staff to create and share videos, lectures and assignments from any device and location. Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform ensures the content is searchable, secure and organized in one place. Prior to Mediasite, five colleges across campus each used different solutions.

Valerie said faculty are primarily using My Mediasite and the Desktop Recorder to record lectures or upload videos from other sources into Mediasite to include in an online course.

“Faculty are using Mediasite to flip classrooms and create fully online courses. The instructor is mostly at his or her desk recording five to 10 minute segments and embedding them in our LMS, D2L,” Valerie said.

The largest Mediasite user, she said, is the College of Medicine for grand rounds. Using a Mediasite Recorder in the back of the classroom, faculty record four hours of live morning lectures that students can watch in the lecture hall or remotely. Afterwards, support staff chunk those videos into specific topics using the Mediasite Editor so it is easy to review later.

“Offering a secure, self-service platform like Mediasite for faculty across colleges to record and host their content is extremely valuable,” said David Hooker, Innovation Lead, Office of Distance Education and eLearning at Ohio State. “Mediasite’s powerful video analytics also provide faculty with a complete picture of student engagement. Viewer data shows instructors who is watching what content and when. They can then use that information to design courses accordingly to best benefit students. The other real value of Mediasite is its ability to deliver content to mobile devices. Our students are depending on mobile devices to view content more and more.”