Michigan Virtual University is helping respond to a huge need in Nigeria: online learning. 

There are about 12 million annual applicants to 104 tertiary institutions in Nigeria and yet only about 300,000 people are admitted into universities each year. The quest for education by employed individuals looking to further their education without having to leave their jobs is huge, and e-learning is the only affordable approach to meet the demand for education in Nigeria and other countries on the continent. 

Nigeria’s physical space and power and bandwidth constraints, as well as difficulties with travel, such as long distances, heavy traffic and poor roads, all hinder higher education. So the Michigan Virtual University is helping to move the traditional lectures into an online e-learning environment using Mediasite

Kirby Milton of Michigan Virtual University shared this story with Unleash attendees today. If you’re registered for Unleash and missed this session, you can watch it on-demand later today from the Unleash 2013 Attendees Group on the MUG. Also, be sure to check for an email after the conference with links to all the on-demand content so you don’t miss a beat.