(Part of an ongoing series featuring Rich Media Impact Awards finalists

It’s easy to picture a traditional classroom – a lecturing professor with rows of students watching, listening and taking notes.

But that age-old model is turning a cartwheel in some of the best classrooms in academia. And chances are someone in your department is already flipping their classroom.

Professor Ralph Welsh of Clemson University started experimenting with this technology-driven pedagogy three years ago, redesigning and refining his courses over time and putting the onus on the student to come to class already having watched the lectures and ready to engage in conversation. 

During that time he’s met and overcome challenges and reset his teaching style to rave reviews from students.

“Mediasite has helped expand our education across campus. I’ve seen a 50% increase in number of courses I can offer with this new methodology. Student satisfaction remains high as Mediasite promotes an engaged learning experience and is meeting the interest of a new generation of learner,” said Ralph.

Find out why Ralph’s ed-tech initiatives earned him a spot as an RMIA finalist in the video below.

And join him on May 21 for a webinar in which he presents a how-to guide for introducing flipped instruction.

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