Students attending class online? That’s been going on for a while now. But I would argue that we’re still in the frontier of faculty using video to teach from wherever they are. Including live from their home offices. Check out this example:

Students in Dr. Farris’s Wind Energy class show up three times a week for his lecture at Texas Tech University. They see him and his digital white board, he sees them and can tell whether they’re engaged or yawning. Questions are asked and answered. Discussion is sparked.  Nothing unusual about any of it, until you discover that while the students are on campus in Lubbock, the professor is 1,700 miles away in his home office in Oregon. 

The IT department at the university was challenged to leverage existing classroom-capture technology to create an interactive, synchronous experience for this class – one that has become so successful that it’s soon to be duplicated and used in other applications. The secret?  A Mediasite integration with Microsoft Lync, allowing the virtual classroom experience to seamlessly come to life.

Join this live webinar tomorrow with Ian Wilkinson from Texas Tech as he gives you a step-by-step, reproducible guide for how it works in this live webinar. He’ll lay it out against the backdrop of the University’s complete video strategy, including how:

  • Using Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform increases student engagement, reduces the pressure on other systems and keeps all video assets securely managed, regardless of where they were created
  • Integration doesn’t stop with Lync. His department works closely with the administrators of BlackBoard on campus, as well as Ad Astra for room scheduling 
  • The university is using Mediasite for distance education, flipped instruction, dual enrollment, community outreach and staff training

About the presenter:

Ian Wilkinson is an Education Projects Specialist at Texas Tech University. He conducts training sessions and short courses on both operating systems and software that are used at Texas Tech by students and faculty. He helps manage use of and training for the Mediasite lecture capture/webcasting system. Ian is part of a team that assists faculty and technical staff with catalog management, audio/visual equipment, and other aspects of recording and distributing mixed media presentations for flipped and distance learning. Ian enjoys all aspects of technology. After a childhood spent taking apart watches, clocks, the Atari, and helping his musician father set up sound systems, moving into technology was a natural progression.

Here’s that link again in case you plan to join us