Video use is on the rise. Last year, our higher education customers alone recorded an astounding 228 years worth of video with Mediasite.

Are you part of the endless stream of video being created on Mediasite? Let the world know on Twitter, Facebook, and the Mediasite Community with #wemediasite.

Upload a picture of Mediasite in action, a 10 second video clip or a simple status update with #wemediasite. If you’re one of the first 50 to post we’ll send you a link to the Mediasite Virtual Vault of Vintage Gear.

Watch the video to learn more, and use these sample status updates to get started:

  • X# views last year! When #wemediasite everyone watches. 
  • Mediasite is my ______ #wemediasite
  • Fav Mediasite moment is _______ #wemediasite
  • I heart Mediasite’s ___________#wemediasite