Photo: Sir Harold Kroto (second from left) poses with Bill Nye the Science Guy during the GEOSET studio opening in 2014.

Earlier this month, the world lost a great mind and a gentleman in every sense of the word, Nobel Prize winner and Florida State University Professor Sir Harold Kroto.

Dr. Kroto, who jointly received the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering a new form of carbon known as the buckyball, has passed away in England from Lou Gehrig’s disease at age 76.

We, here at Sonic Foundry, have been watching Dr. Kroto’s career in awe over the years. He gave countless lectures and workshops each year and did educational science TV programs for children. He was a champion of education on the world stage and wanted to provide a free resource of educational material from the best science and technology experts in the world.

His Global Outreach for Science Engineering and Technology (GEOSET) initiative delivers exceptional STEM teaching materials to a global network of schools via Mediasite. In September 2014, Bill Nye the Science Guy opened GEOSET’s new studio and joined in a discussion about helping spread education around the world. Dr. Kroto’s work created scholarships, awards and employment opportunities for students.

Last year, Dr. Kroto won Sonic Foundry’s Video Maverick Award for being the driving force behind GEOSET, empowering the next generation of scientists and artists.

Dr. Kroto is truly a video maverick and leaves behind a remarkable legacy. It has been an honor to deliver his message through Mediasite over the years. On behalf of everyone at Sonic Foundry, we thank you, Dr. Kroto, for your work.

Here’s a Mediasite video about Dr. Kroto’s efforts: