We do a lot of webinars. At least three a month in fact. But regardless of the topic, from getting faculty on board to impacts on student learning, one question always comes up: what kind of [insert type of educational technology here] are you using?

Which made us think, maybe it's time we do a webinar devoted to just that.

Thomas Kemp at Ashland University thought so too. He joins us as the next speaker in our Lecture Capture Best Practices Webinar Series to present, "The Educational Technology Shopping List for Pain-Free Lecture Capture." We go live Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. Central (convert to your time zone here). And as ever, it's free. Just register here.

Think technology could streamline the manpower it takes to put your courses online? Even automate it? You're in good company.

Kemp and his team thought the same thing, particularly in light of the increasing demand by nontraditional students for on-demand learning.

He went looking for tools that would help them build a goof-proof, pain-free - and in some cases completely hands-free - technology-enhanced classroom. A space that would increase their recording capacity, and ability to archive and distribute lecture captures, but decrease the amount of training time for staff, faculty and students.

Their search led them to the Mediasite lecture capture system integrated with room control panels, electronic whiteboards, ceiling-mounted microphones, in-class mounted confidence monitors, high-tech projectors, motion-sensing wall-mounted cameras that auto-track the presenter.

Put it all together and what do you get? A smart classroom that completely eliminates the need for staff to manually operate anything.

Since October 2007 when Ashland University went online with Mediasite lecture capture, their use has grown 230% with online content creation doubling every two years. Ashland has recorded over 4800 individual lectures and, with the new Camtasia/Mediasite integration, that number is expected to triple by 2013. Plus, they've cut training time from 2 hours to 20 minutes and reduced their technical issues to zero.

Join us for this live webinar where Tom will present his latest shopping list for automated lecture capture solutions and examples of room technology options that work. He'll take your live Q&A and answer these questions:

  • How can you create a space that is user friendly to both the faculty and student end users?
  • How can we simplify the process of creating educational content and distributing it online?
  • What benefits and return on investment can you expect from an effective integration of Mediasite into the classroom?
  • What are the best room integration ideas on a budget?
  • Are there applications for integrating Mediasite lecture capture within Medical Nursing Labs? What about Learning Management Suites, like Ashland's Angel LMS?
  • Can you decrease the time it takes to train faculty and staff to use classroom recording technologies?
  • Will you reduce the number of hours help desk staff spend to resolve lecture capture technology failures?

About our presenter: Thomas Kemp is Director of Instructional Technology and Support at Ashland University. Over the last 10 years Tom has overseen the construction or renovation of 17 academic buildings and more than 175 classrooms. His work involves all forms of learning management for the campus, including online synchronous and asynchronous programs, classroom construction, design and engineering, and audio-visual services for over 210 technology teaching spaces across 6 campuses.

Here's that link again to register. See you online Tuesday!