There is great demand for lecture capture in Norway. Just ask any student and he or she will confirm that. The only problem is many of the smaller colleges and universities can’t afford the technology to make that happen.

But when UNINETT, the network and internet services provider for all Norwegian colleges, universities and research institutions, offered a cost-effective solution, the use of academic video across the country exploded.

UNINETT is owned by the Ministry of Education and Research and is in charge of Norway’s National Research and Education Network (NREN), connecting over 200 Norwegian schools and research institutions and more than 300,000 students and teachers to top educational technologies. By removing barriers to technology, UNINETT hopes to empower institutions to use technologies in classrooms.

Schools and research institutions can choose from a list of cost-effective services available to them for infrastructure, research and education, finance and administration and other general services through UNINETT. Member school representatives told UNINETT they wanted a technology that would allow them to share lectures, support mobile devices and use videoconferencing. So UNINETT added Mediasite by Sonic Foundry as the comprehensive option for recording lectures to its list. Lecturers and academic staff can give students access to their teaching digitally now. This is part of UNINETT’s eCampus program, which defined lecture recording as a special focus area.

UNINETT offers the Mediasite EX video management platform as one of NREN-supported network applications. Schools and research institutions can connect their Mediasite Recorders to UNINETT’s centrally-managed Mediasite webcasting and management platform, which provides an economical and scalable infrastructure to record, deliver and manage rich video. The institutions aren’t hosting their own content, and that allows them to only pay 25 percent of what they would normally pay if they had to host the content themselves. The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, a Mediasite university since 2005, recently moved to UNINETTs platform for this reason.

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Thorleif Hallén is a senior adviser at UNINETT. Follow him on Twitter @thorleif and learn more at