By now you may have heard about Bob van den Brand, an adjunct associated professor from Tilburg School of Economics and Management in the Netherlands. He’s using Mediasite in creative ways to get through to his tech-minded students in short 10-minute lectures. 

Bob’s been recognized countless times for his fantastic lecture capture program, iSTAR Learning Project, which has dramatically increased the pass rates and satisfaction ratings among the second-year accounting students. 

Well, he’s done it again. This time he’s seeing big improvements with the freshman accounting class using iSTAR. This year Bob implemented iSTAR into that group of about 700 students, and pass rates increased from 67 percent to 78 percent. 

But before I get into more detail, here’s a little iSTAR 101:

Bob wanted a way to connect with what he calls the “YouTube Generation,” students who constantly have technology at their fingertips. So he created iSTAR which uses Mediasite as its core educational technology for lecture capture and flipped instruction. Check out for more info about what Bob and Tilburg University are up to. 

Last year, this iSTAR model increased the pass rate among second-year accounting students from 58 percent to 79 percent, and student satisfaction ratings went through the roof. The success rate for the bachelor Business Controls course also increased from 57 percent to 84 percent. 

Since iSTAR has been so successful it’s also done in multiple languages and been introduced into more schools at Tilburg, including Liberal Arts, Social Sciences and International Business Administration. 

Bob says his students love receiving feedback via Mediasite immediately after they’ve answered a question. 

“With Mediasite, we’re able to make lectures time and place independent and offer mixed learning routes online, which has improved the performances of both students and professors,” Bob said. 

According to student Loes Brilman who is currently studying with iSTAR, “what’s especially nice about iSTAR is I can ask questions to the lecturer during live sessions.”

Gabi Markovic, another accounting student, saw her scores increase with iSTAR. 

“iSTAR really helped me improve my exam results. I used iSTAR during managerial accounting. During the live streaming I was able to ask questions directly to the teacher. iSTAR can also be used for other courses in addition to other lectures,” Gabi said. 

As if higher pass rates weren’t enough, Tilburg has also added another award to its long list of accolades. It recently won the Innovation in Accounting History Education Award for using Mediasite and Playmobil, one of the most famous German toys that Tilburg is also working with for iSTAR.  

Be sure to watch this new video Bob and his students created about iSTAR. 

And we’re sure this won’t be the last time you hear us talking about Bob and iSTAR so stay tuned for more success stories from Tilburg.  

Photos: (Top) Bob van den Brand, Tilburg University, records a lecture via Mediasite. (Middle) Loes Brilman watches a lecture via iSTAR. (Bottom) the Mediasite Recorder is displayed. Credit: Tilburg University