Many of you hear Mediasite and think “rock solid lecture capture solution.” But if you limit your thinking to simply putting high-quality rich media in the hands of your students, you’re missing out on some tremendous outreach opportunities.

At EDUCAUSE ’09, Ed Huffman from Rollins College stopped by the Sonic Foundry booth to share his pent up upgrade excitement over Mediasite 5.2. What is he most excited to leverage? Watch this short interview to find out!

[mediasite id="ee4352389af047d29140ae6bc6e4f848" viewerid="478283ba-7d79-4ce2-a7fa-fdcde36b05b6" autostart="true" width="400" height="224" host="""]

That’s right. Ed wants to use the power of their educational multimedia for PR. The ability to embed slick players into their organization’s website is something he finds extremely attractive. Not only can it be free of advertising (check out the video for his YouTube concerns), but also a better overall viewer experience while offering Ed what he really wants – control and flexibility.

With rough economic times, using your multimedia content to draw in your prospective students, alumni and other organizational donors is critical. Mediasite makes it easy to re-use what you’ve already captured in any number of new ways (without re-encoding) and in any number of new contexts. There’s a reason we’ve pitched Mediasite 5.2 as “more ways to play” – the embeddable Mediasite Players we’re offering give you just that.

If you’re a customer and want to find out how to embed our new Silverlight Players in your web presence, check out this short tutorial.

Or maybe you’d like to see an example of a customer who is already embedding their Mediasite content? Try Johns Hopkins Division of Rheumatology.

For a ton of ideas for using Mediasite as Alumni Outreach, take a look at what the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse is doing. Our friend Jim Jorstad assured me that they'll be embedding more content throughout their webisite once they upgrade as well.

Finally, here's another interesting outreach example - using Mediasite technology to invite the New Mexico State University community to be a part of their search for a new president. Find a finalist and click the Webcasts link.

How are you using Mediasite to promote or do outreach for your organization? Tell us in the comments.