(Part of an ongoing series featuring Enterprise Video Award finalists)

Nina, an 18-year-old high school student from the Netherlands, has final exams coming up, and it’s important she does well so she can attend a university.

To ensure she understands all subjects, especially the difficult ones like math and economics, she watches short video lectures recorded by Bob van den Brand, adjunct associate professor at Tilburg University.

“I practice with old exams. When I’ve made a mistake, I watch a Bob video,” Nina said.

Nina is participating in a new initiative at Tilburg University called Examinations for You, which helps secondary school students prepare for their exams. Bob creates short Mediasite videos based on the prior year’s exam questions that students can use for review.

“Our pupils were very enthusiastic. They found it very useful. Our passing rates were very high,” said Delianne Hoekstra, dean of a secondary school. “When one of our economics teachers dropped out because of an illness, this was useful because pupils could, at any moment they wished, study teaching material, solve certain problems and practice exam questions.”

Examinations for You is the most recent initiative at the university. Bob also created a similar program for Tilburg University students called iSTAR, which also uses Mediasite as its core educational technology for lecture capture and flipped instruction. The program uses short studio-recorded lecture blocks with case studies and self-guided student exercises.