According to a USA Today article, “How to get your resume (and you!) noticed in the Digital Age,” on average there are 188 applicants for any given job, and only about 20 percent receive an interview, “leaving 150 people left wondering what went wrong.” Those aren’t great statistics.

What went wrong might not even be that they weren’t qualified or didn’t have the right experience, the article states. Maybe they just weren’t creative enough.

Today’s colleges and universities must use the latest technologies to stay competitive, because the 21st century student expects it. Then, why wouldn’t the students in turn use those technologies to give themselves a competitive edge in the job market? That’s what 18-year-old University of Wisconsin-Madison freshman Elle Aspinwall did.

She used video to put herself one step ahead when the time came to elect officers for the campus’ Love Your Melon Foundation, a nonprofit run by college students on a mission to put a hat on every child battling cancer in America. Elle wanted to stand out and earn the Community Service and Outreach officer position.

Students running for office had to give a small presentation about why they were qualified and the ideas they had to volunteer in the community. While everyone else gave the traditional speech in front of the room, Elle used Mediasite by Sonic Foundry to record a digital resume in advance and then played it for the room full of voters.

“I knew about Mediasite and how it is used in classrooms, but I had never personally used it. I was a little nervous at first because I thought it was going to be difficult and a long process. But it was really easy,” Elle said.

She recorded her speech in a studio and created a presentation that had both video and audio of her speaking, as well as her PowerPoint slides. And it paid off. She won the officer position.

“Using Mediasite showed my peers that I put a lot of effort into my presentation. I wanted it to be really concise and perfect. It was also helpful, because I was presenting to other college students who appreciate technology. That’s why I think it worked really well,” she said.

Elle said since this was so successful, she wants to use a digital resume for future jobs, too.

Watch Elle’s Mediasite presentation here.