Gretchen Kellerstrass, 18, was one of 140 students — only a handful of them female — from 10 Ohio high schools to participate in a dual enrollment program at University of Cincinnati. 

“It was really exciting because we were doing exactly what freshmen in college were doing in engineering. Because of this flipped classroom program using Mediasite, I got to understand what engineering is. I never thought it was a possibility for me.” 

Gretchen and her peers watched short videos from UC faculty using Mediasite, and their high school teachers further explained material and related it to their lives. 

“It was nice to get a bridge between high school and college.”

Students participated in a variety of hands-on projects to give them a first-hand look at the field. 

“Engineering is basically a giant brain teaser and you have to keep figuring things out.” 

Jobs in science, technology, engineering and math are primarily dominated by men, and this program aims to make more women interested in those fields by bringing college engineering courses to high school students. 

“It makes me sad that more girls aren’t interested in engineering, but I understand that it’s not for everyone.” 

For Gretchen’s full story, visit and watch a recent webinar she did with Sonic Foundry: Solving the STEM Shortage with Flipped Instruction and Dual Enrollment.