Bloomsburg University Faculty, Students Create 6,000+ Videos using My Mediasite Desktop Recorder

2016 Finalist • Prolific Use

When Bloomsburg University’s 10,000 students and 500+ faculty were given Sonic Foundry’s My Mediasite Desktop Recorder more than three years ago, instructional media technician Asa Kelley and his team never expected it to take off so fast.

The Desktop Recorder allows users to easily capture, upload and share video from any computer, and faculty and students quickly created more than 1,300 Mediasite videos in the first year. Since then video creation has quadrupled, and viewership has grown by a multiple of 10. To date there are more than 6,000 videos – 2,200 hours – that have been viewed 135,000 times.

Kelley and his team are working on a project to fully integrate Mediasite into their HD broadcast facilities, which will allow them to capture and manage professionally-produced live events with the video platform.

“With all of our user-generated content sources, one mobile recorder, five classroom-integrated systems, a portable production system and our new production facility integration, I’m sure we’ll continue to see the use of rich media grow in all four colleges, as well as student affairs, administration and our external clients,” Kelley said.

Bloomsburg University has been using Mediasite Video platform to streamline its video content management and pull together all user-generated content, recorded lectures and special events into one easy-to-manage system for nearly a decade.

“I barely remember a time before Mediasite, but now we’re producing incredible amounts of high quality, rich media content to share with the world,” Kelley said.

Learn more about Bloomsburg University’s nearly decade-long Mediasite deployment here, and watch a free webinar from Kelley, “How Bloomsburg University Achieved Campus-Wide Video Capture.”