How Inholland University of Applied Sciences Uses Academic Video to Impact Teaching and Learning

2016 Finalist • Learning Environment


Lecturer Zac Woolfitt at Inholland University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, felt like his tourism management students needed a bit of inspiration. A lot of content was being delivered to them in traditional lectures, which they found a little bit boring. He wanted to make learning more active.

Plus, tourism theory is quite complicated with many different layers of information.

“The content in the book was difficult for the students to get into. So I thought, I’ve got to find a way to make this more interesting,” Woolfitt said.


Using Mediasite, Woolfitt decided to divide the content into 40 micro web lectures, anywhere from five to seven minutes long, for students to watch before coming to class. But that’s just the first step.

“You need to make sure the students are watching it and they’re doing something with it. So during class I paired them up. They had to make creative mind maps and visualizations of the subject,” he said.

In class, students peer-teach each other by going through the detail of what they watched. This created a much more active, engaging class at a more complex level.

“You’ve gone from just the teacher and the students to a more complicated process of the students discussing it with each other,” Woolfitt said.


Woolfitt is using the video as a starting point to engage the students in the learning process, and students find the web lectures very helpful.

According to Mediasite analytics, all of the videos have been viewed and reviewed, and student’s grades have improved.

Watch Woolfitt’s recent webinar, “Research Revealed: Using Academic Video to Impact Teaching and Learning,” for more information.