Memphis City Schools

2008 Winner • Scholastic Achievement

Memphis City Schools is the 21st largest school district in the United States with over 200 schools, 114,000 students, 8,000 teachers and 4,000 administrators and district staff. This makes professional development and staff training difficult. 

Traditionally, administrators and teachers attended one or two day training classes, but the district's facility can only accommodate 200 people. The district would sometimes have to rent out a larger space, and with that comes mileage and substitute teacher costs while teachers are away from their classrooms. The district needed a new approach to professional development with no physical location limitations. Their solution was Mediasite

The district began recording training with Mediasite, which lowered costs all around. 

"We have saved over $50,000 dollars in stipend pay and mileage costs in the first two district in-services using Mediasite," said Scott Holcomb, Technology Specialist at Memphis City Schools. "It has opened doors for us in several ways to better serve our clients - our children."