Students in Duquesne University Mylan School of Pharmacy Weekend Program Thrive with Mediasite Lectures

2016 Finalist • Student Achievement

Duquesne University’s Mylan School of Pharmacy in Pittsburgh graduates nearly 200 doctors of pharmacy each year, and 25-30 of those are enrolled in its Pharm.D. Weekend Pathway program.

The program is a unique and flexible format that caters to non-traditional students with full-time jobs and families who are looking to make career changes. It involves on-site weekend courses, all of which are recorded via Mediasite for students to review on-demand, enabling them to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in four years. Students attend class every Saturday and Sunday year round.

One single mom with two kids who commutes from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania for the weekend program said: “Mediasite is very helpful to me. If I miss something during the class, I can always go back and review the information, because it’s hard for me to meet the professors during the week.”

David Tipton, founder and director of the program, said some of the courses are extremely rigorous, so Mediasite is “a real asset, not only for the program but also for the students.”

“The Mediasite tool is a very effective way to help me study during the week,” another student said. “I know that when I have really difficult concepts that I don’t understand, I can go back and find a place directly where the professor is talking about it.”

During the 2014-2015 academic year, student pharmacists watched more than 8,100 hours of recorded Mediasite content – 480 presentations with 14,900 views. That includes about 15 hours of content recorded each week upon faculty request for the school’s traditional students in the six-year program.

Duquesne has used Mediasite since 2005 to capture what’s happening in lecture halls, classrooms and special events on campus.

Learn more about Duquesne’s use of Mediasite here.