This week we had the pleasure of having Scott Lawson of QAD visit our studio to present a live webinar “Google Glass + Mediasite: Consumer Video in the Enterprise.”

QAD has been a Mediasite user since 2007 and has a long history of putting video in the hands of its employees. It communicates corporate trainings, education, global staff orientations, new software releases, employee news and corporate conferences via video. So when Scott was chosen for the Google Glass Explorer program, designed for people who want to get involved early and help shape the future of Glass, he immediately began creating enterprise applications for this wearable computing device.

Scott sees Glass as a simple and effective video-creation tool that would tie in with Mediasite’s robust backend management system, streaming near real-time communication.

For those of you not familiar with how Google Glass works, Scott gives you a glimpse in this demo.

You can watch Scott’s webinar free on-demand here.