In case you missed it, Bob Hoar and Jim Jorstad from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse visited us recently in Madison, Wis. to present a webinar called “Mediasiting Your MOOC: How UW-La Crosse Transformed Online Learning Modules into a Massive Open Online Course.” 

Their webinar was one of the most popular presentations we’ve ever hosted, and you can watch it for free on-demand here.  

We sat down with Bob to talk about the MOOC he created to help incoming freshmen avoid taking remedial math courses and Mediasite’s role in it. 

Check out the video below. You can also learn more about Bob at and Jim at

[mediasite id="3f3a7e78e91f406d980dbd02429362d21d" viewerid="29972dc039c845b89667632f127681350a" width="584" height="400"]