Photo: A Tilburg University student watches a lecture via Mediasite. Credit: Tilburg University

E-Learning is now estimated to represent about 10 percent of the overall training and educational market, according to Sloan Consortium, and schools soon expect the number of online students to grow to over 3.6 million.

Here at Sonic Foundry we’ve seen campus video consumption grow rapidly both for face-to-face and distance students. In fact, results of an international survey of higher education reveal that in 2013:

  • Two million hours of academic video were created with Mediasite — the equivalent of 228 years of video
  • A Mediasite video is watched every second, which is more than 30 million views each year
  • Mediasite video views on campus outpace consumer consumption by 59 percent

From flipped classrooms to online courses to MOOCs, video is transforming the way people learn, teach and communicate. And it’s being created faster than ever before thanks to the proliferation of creation and capture tools.

So, in honor of National Distance Learning Week (this week), we’re sharing some of our most popular webinars from our Mediasite In Play webinar series. Watch these free webinars on-demand to learn how blended and online courses can enhance learning and engagement, boost student achievement and retention and expand campus reach.

  1. Teaching A Class From 1,700 Miles Away: How Texas Tech Leverages Mediasite for Live Remove Instruction — Students in Dr. Farris’s Wind Energy class show up three times a week for his lecture at Texas Tech University. They see him and his digital white board, he sees them and can tell whether they’re engaged or yawning. Questions are asked and answered. Discussion is sparked. Nothing unusual about any of it, until you discover that while the students are on campus in Lubbock, the professor is 1,700 miles away in his home office in Oregon.
  2. From Flipped Classroom to Dual Enrollment: How Eastern New Mexico University Achieved Campus-Wide Capture in 12 Months — While Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU) is the third largest school in the state, it covers more ground than any other university. The entire eastern part of the state, to be exact. In the dean’s quest to make education accessible to the region’s traditional, non-traditional and dual-enrollment students (high school students taking college courses), she had to think outside the traditional classroom experience.
  3. Small Budget, Big Impact Lecture Capture — How did a university with minimal budget, one full time staffer and three distributed campuses, including a distance learning programme with 16,000 enrolled students, get to 2500 online presentations with 131,085 views? Ask a Massey University professor, instructional designer and academic technologist and they will all tell you the same thing: vision, cooperation and Mediasite lecture capture technology. Over the last six years, faculty adoption and student demand has grown exponentially, yet Massey maintains the growing program without major new investments in technology or staff.
  4. Teaching Business with Video at Temple University — Temple University’s Fox School of Business is among the largest, most distinguished business schools in the world, and faculty use the newest technologies to transform the way business students learn. The use of academic video has exploded in the school and is deepening engagement, personalizing learning and ultimately improving learning outcomes and retention.
  5. Keys to Scaling Your Lecture Capture Program — What do you wish you had known as you grew your lecture-capture program from a single building to an entire department, campus or even system? Four years ago, as the University of Colorado at Boulder was planning a lecture capture pilot, Duncan McBogg took a deep-dive and documented everything they would need to consider. Later, as the university’s Academic Technology Support department took their pilot campus-wide, he put his studies into practice and implemented strategies for better communication, documentation, security, analytics, content management and distribution.

You can watch more webinars here, and be sure to check back soon. We’ve got new ones every month.