How to Create Slides that Don't Suck (and Help Others Do the Same)


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How to Create Slides that Don't Suck (and Help Others Do the Same)

Stop for a moment and think about the last presentation you watched (or presented). Did the speaker read the slides to you? Did you hear the phrase, “Now this next one might be a little hard to read”? Were there flashy animations? Or over-enthusiastic use of clip art? 

You aren’t alone.

Now imagine working for a webcasting company. You’d see a ton of online presentations, right? You might even have to present some of your own! That’s true for Sonic Foundry veterans St. Angel and Pollard. Yet there’s one thing you’ll rarely find in their presentations: traditional PowerPoint slides. 

They didn’t just decide to stop having boring slides one day. They read books, watched great speakers and used trial and error to find a presentation style all their own. 

If you’d like to create more engaging presentation visuals, and help others in your organization do the same, join this live webinar to get the basics of not just great slide design, but presentation delivery. We’ve culled the best tips from experts, and added a few of our own, to ensure you’ll leave inspired and ready to spread the good presentation word.

Discussion will include:

  • Surefire ways to create sucky slides 
  • Ready-to-steal ideas for creating presentation slides that keep your audience focused on what you have to say 
  • Easy tech tips to enhance both your visuals and delivery, whether you present in-room, online or both 
  • Meaty lists of resources where you can see great slides and slidemakers
  • Presented By:

    Erica St. Angel

    Erica St. Angel, VP of Marketing for Sonic Foundry, oversees the company's community-building initiatives, including its annual user conference, user group and social media strategy. Her unique background blends almost 20 years of corporate, public information and political campaigns, with an emphasis on measuring outcomes and increasing customer engagement. Erica has been involved in hybrid event planning for 5 years, and is a regular speaker on blended meeting tips and tech at events and webinars. Her work has earned both industry and marketing awards, including the Forrester Groundswell Award for the use of social technology at UNLEASH, Sonic Foundry's user conference - a hybrid meeting that leveraged social media and webcasting to increase attendance by 15 percent and achieve 10-fold conference ROI.