Webcasting Solutions

There’s no limit to the ways you can use Mediasite for webcasting (here’s 101 to get you started). But the three most common solutions are: 

Lecture capture 

More colleges and universities use Mediasite to record learning activities and campus events, and manage huge libraries of video-based instruction, than any other lecture capture technology. It integrates with your existing classroom and campus systems to make it easy to take courses online.

Enterprise webcasting

Business, government and other organizations use Mediasite to stream executive communications and online training, and leverage our video management platform for security, authentication and analytics. 

Event webcasting 

Meeting and production professionals create hybrid events and virtual meetings using the Mediasite platform or our Mediasite Events service. You take the meeting to those who cannot attend by complementing the face-to-face experience with viewing over the web, and generate instant knowledge libraries of video presentations at the same time.