Event webcasting

High-quality webcasting technology with high-touch webcasting services ensure event success

The best meeting professionals and event production companies use the Mediasite platform and our Mediasite Events webcasting services to create hybrid events, virtual conferences and other online meetings.

Why do they trust us? Because our high-quality platform and high-touch webcasting services are the easiest and most reliable way to take your event online.

No software downloads, no slide uploads, no need for you or your presenters to do anything but focus on making your event a success.

The Mediasite webcasting platform features an automated workflow to record, deliver, manage, search and track rich media webcasts and online video presentations. The Mediasite Recorder sends the video of your presenter and their visual aids to the Mediasite Server where it is streamed live and archived for immediate playback on-demand.

You can do it yourself or (even if you already own Mediasite) our Mediasite Events group can do it all for you, working with your existing partners.

Complement your next face-to-face meeting with viewing over the web and expand your audience, build instant online video archives and explore new revenue streams at the same time.