Lecture capture and academic webcasting

Video webcasts take classroom instruction beyond bricks and mortar

1000+ colleges and universities trust Mediasite - more than any other lecture capture system.

Why? Because our approach simply scales faster.

In a Mediasite classroom, instructors teach. That’s it.  

No training, no software downloads, no need for faculty members to push a single button. Sonic Foundry created Mediasite as a purpose-built, appliance-based platform for lecture capture. It features an automated workflow to record, deliver, manage, search and track video-based instruction.

The Mediasite Recorder automatically turns itself on and sends whatever instructors present –  laptop, tablet, whiteboard, document camera, visualizer – to the Mediasite Server where it is streamed live and archived for immediate playback on-demand. The Mediasite platform leverages your existing in-room and on-campus infrastructure, including learning and content management systemsroom control systemsvideoconferencing systems and enterprise directories.

This process has proven more reliable and makes the management of video-based education easier than any other option. And that means more classrooms record more instruction, which impacts the learning of more students, now.