Since we launched it in 2007, we’ve hosted 199 webinars in our Mediasite webinar program, have garnered 150,872 all-time views and have shared a lot of video knowledge.

This year was our most-watched yet, with 18,372 people tuning in for 16 webinars focusing on what you need to know to stay competitive with your video strategy. Corporate communications? Covered. New technology-driven pedagogies or campus-wide capture solutions? Done. How to prepare for the BYOD revolution? Solved. And there’s more. Much, much more.

Without further ado, here’s a recap of the webinars of the year and why you should watch them. Enjoy.

1. From Flipped Classroom to Dual Enrollment: How ENMU Achieved Campus-Wide Capture in 12 Months

Why you need to watch: This is one of the best arguments for using video to transform education, bridge time and distance and help implement new technology-driven teaching tactics that work for faculty, staff and students. It’s our most watched webinar of 2013.

2. Just Flip It: From the Front Lines of the Flipped Classroom

Why you’ll love it: It’s an authentic faculty point-of-view about taking on flipped and becoming a better instructor for it. With better reviews from students. And better classroom results. No time to watch the webinar? Flip through the page-turning companion ebook.

3. Mediasiting Your MOOC: How UW La Crosse Transformed Online Learning Modules into a Massive Open Online Course

Why it will suck you in: Because it’s MOOC magic, that’s why. This is a turn-by-turn roadmap of the process of creating a MOOC, starting with a Gates Foundation Grant, a Mediasite studio and a professor with a dream.

4. Understanding the Mindset of the Modern Student

Why you’ll love it: It’s like a fireside chat with the inventors of the Beloit College Mindset List. They discuss the evolution of the list, highlight what they’ve learned over the past 16 years and reveal their favorite “Mindset Moments.” What’s not to love?

5. Embracing the Opportunities of BYOD in Enterprise and Higher Education Classroom Design

Why you need to watch: BYOD has only just begun. A lot more employees and students will get new tablets and smartphones this holiday season, and they’ll be expecting to use them in the office and on campus. Are you ready? More importantly, is your infrastructure ready?

6. The Up Side of Upside Down: Center for Digital Education and Sonic Foundry Study Shows Flipped Classrooms Are on the Rise

Why it’s a game changer: We partnered with the Center for Digital Education to complete the first in-depth, national survey on faculty perspectives of flipped classrooms. Watch to learn the good, the bad and the most surprising reasons flipping might just be the key to the future of academia.

7. Preparing Your Campus for the Future of Academic Video

Why it might scare you: Demand for academic video from the “YouTube generation” of students is growing at an astronomical rate. How do you harness that video power? Do you have an academic video strategy? Can you keep up? Watch for real examples of how campuses are preparing for the future of video.

8. Solving the STEM Shortage with Flipped Instruction and Dual Enrollment

Why you’ll love it: It will reaffirm your faith in our youth. It will. First, it outlines an amazing program at University of Cincinnati to get high school students interested in STEM. And second, one of the presenters is college-freshman Gretchen Kellerstrass, who embodies every awesome trait of her generation.

9. Teaching A Class from 1,700 Miles Away: How Texas Tech Leverages Mediasite for Live Remote Instruction

Why it’s a game-changer: The bigger question is ‘How isn’t it a game-changer?’ Remote instruction with Mediasite? Check. Creative integration with legacy campus technologies? Check. Case studies for flipped instruction, dual enrollment, community outreach and staff training? Check, check, check and check. Bonus shot of a tiny wind turbine model on a wind-energy professor’s desk? Priceless.

10. Google Glass + Mediasite: Consumer Video in the Enterprise

Why it will blow your mind: Because wearable technology is becoming ever more James Bond. At the same time it’s surprisingly better suited to integrate with enterprise solutions. This gift of a webinar shows Google Glass is so much more than the coolest new gadget – it might very well have a strong place in the enterprise.

11. Medical Simulation with Video: Ashland University’s Streamlined Approach to Online Health Education

Why you need to watch: It applies to every learning application that uses simulation and technology for learning. You’ll get a tour of one of the one of the most automated and streamlined educational technology programs out there.

12. 7 Ways to Leverage Video for Your Corporate Communications

Why you need to watch: There’s nothing Tom Aquilone from Lockheed Martin hasn’t been through from a streaming perspective. Live webcasts streamed out to 10s of thousands, small training modules for on-demand viewing, and everything in between.

13. The Cure for Common Corporate Video

Why you’ll love it: There comes a time in your life when you’re bored sending out the same old emails and leaving the same chipper voice mails. There comes a time when you just have to take a stand and try something new. That’s where this marketing team comes in. Fresh, bright, inspiring. Trust me – you’ll want to steal their ideas.

14. Controlling Content Chaos: How Sandia National Laboratories Streamlined its Video Content Management Strategy with Mediasite

Why it will blow your mind: Did you know Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform meets the National Archives and Records Administration standards? I didn’t either until I watched this webinar. There’s no one with interesting video in their archives than Sandia. And thanks to the power of Mediasite search they’re able to retrieve video like President Kennedy’s historic visit, a famous nuclear test crash in the early 1980s and a lot more.

15. How PCMA Drives Engagement Through Hybrid Events

Why you’ll love it: If you haven’t been focusing on experiential marketing with hybrid events – going that extra mile with live chatting, tweeting and virtual-networking with your remote attendees – you’re missing a big piece of the puzzle. This webinar helps you see through the hype to get to what works.

16. Expanding E-Learning in the UK: How the University of London Computer Centre Offers Cost-Effective Academic Video Solutions via Mediasite

Why you need to watch: I could wax poetic on all my favorite things that have come out of the U.K.; The Beatles, Burberry, fish and chips. And now this. The University of London Computer Centre, which figured out the formula for a cost-effective way to quickly scale their academic video programs. Watch for some slick ideas on how they’re making sure academic video gets into the hands of every campus that wants it.

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