Embedded catalogs, that's what.

Sonic Foundry is based in Madison, Wisconsin and this week marks the opening of Wisconsin's nine-day gun deer season.

For many years, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has used Mediasite to share public information and agency updates. Here's a link to a great Mediasite fan page by one of the DNR employees with his round up of examples from DNR's Division of Forestry.

But this year - something's different. The 2009 Fall Deer Hunting Forecast Videos aren't in a Mediasite catalog linked from the DNR site. No! They are in an embedded catalog, right there on the DNR page.


Wanna know how they did it? And why it's important?

Here's a sneak peak.  2009_11_23_deer-hunt-embed-code

For the full story, watch this latest installment of tech talk with Director of Engineering Dharmesh Sampat and Technical Product Manager John Pollard. They cover what Mediasite Catalogs are, how they work and why it's useful to embed them.

Hint: It saves work. You get to keep your catalog structure, scheduling, viewing permissions and security all without sending people away from your course management system, portal, web page or blog.