This morning I microwaved my oatmeal for the first time in over a month. What's the big deal, you ask? I'll tell you.

The microwave I used this morning was the 5th - yes, 5th - microwave that had been delivered to my house over the last month.

37697774The first two delivered had an almost identical dent in the back side of them and, upon testing, both produced some spectacular sparking activity. We figured, "well, this must have been a crazy fluke" and set up another time for delivery #3.

Not so much of a fluke.

When delivery #3 came, the same delivery guy appeared (he's made all the previous attempts) and knew he was going to be testing this thing for sure before they could leave.

While #3 came without visible physical damage, it - like all its brothers - sparked like mad.

We sent it back and instructed them not to bother sending another.

Now, we had to go to the actual store to "return" what we had already paid for. We drove to the large-big-box-store-that-will-go-unnamed-but-does-use-a-lot-of-orange-in-its-"you-can-do-it-we-can-help"-branding. My wife and I talked to three different customer service reps (including one manager) while spending time at two different service counters.

After a Nick Burns style service rep helped out his clearly inferior colleague to both accept the return (which is funny, because we never actually had it) and refund our card [mind you, we were standing there with three different "service" employees - including a manager], they looked up and said, "You're all set!"

My wife and I kind of looked at each other for a split second, waited, and then after silence, we turned and slowly walked away in disbelief.

"Are you kidding me?" we thought. Not even one suggestion of "So, how can we make this right?" or "Can we set you up with a different model?" or even "Hey, we are really sorry for all this hassle."


What does this have to do with Sonic Foundry or Mediasite? If Sonic Foundry built microwaves, we wouldn't have had that experience. How do I know? Our customers tell us. They tell us that Mediasite is rock solid (i.e., reliable) and that when they do need support, the service they receive is top notch.

If you are going to capture lectures, webcast, move into online learning or deliver multimedia presentations, do your research.

If you are going to capture lectures, webcast, move into online learning or deliver multimedia presentations, do your research. Ask customers how reliable the products are and how the support after the sale was. You don't want to be without your oatmeal for a month like me.

One last thing. You may have noticed that I microwaved my oatmeal in the 5th microwave. Yeah, you guessed it, even with the new store (a smaller more service-oriented store) the first microwave delivered had a defect (imagine our disbelief). The difference with this company is that they had a new one for us the next day (not weeks) and they checked it out before they even loaded it into the truck.

Smart company. I'll buy more from them.