When my family first moved back to Wisconsin, my in laws gave us a used (and I mean 25 years USED) Ariens snowblower as a house warming gift.

Not exactly the same as mine, but close

Well, that 30+ year old snowblower is still going strong, but the metal holding it together isn't quite as strong. So, my wife and I heaved it into the back of our old Toyota and I drove over to the small engine repair shop to see if they could mend the broken handle on this critical component of winter survival.

The mechanic looked over the problem and began thinking of possible approaches to the solution. He then said, "You know, all this would really take is a piece of metal about this long (showing with his hands) and then you could drill some holes in it, attach the one end here, bolt the other end a few times over here, and you'd be done. That is if you are a little handy."

There always seems to be a way if you're "handy," doesn't there?

It's like that with multimedia webcasting. Sure, if you're "handy" you could assemble your own solution with bits and pieces from various suppliers, install on a PC that you build, add some duct tape, say a few prayers and hope that your solution is reliable enough to "get by"
for your organization. Or you can purchase an easy-to-use, reliable, and well-supported solution.

Let's say I were handy. How much time would I spend purchasing metal, cutting metal, and drilling holes through thick pieces of steel? (Don’t forget the time I might need to research how to do all that. And maybe some new tools to help.) How much more cost would I add if I have to finally admit that my solution won't hold my snowblower together (because of mistakes based on my inexperience) and I have to take it back to the professional? And during that period without a snowblower, how much time will it take me to shovel those 3' drifts?

In your world, downtime and support costs will add up. And your time managing those challenges isn't free.

Even if you're handy, sometimes it's best to let the experts do what they do best - and with the time you save you can go and focus on what you do best.

My Ariens at work this morning.

(I left the snowblower with Tim and said, “uh, I’m not handy – go ahead and fix it.”)

And I’m glad I did as we’re in the middle of a blizzard warning right now for much of Wisconsin.